Business Law

Whether you want to form a business or sell a business, whether you need a contract drafted or just looked over by an attorney, the Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC is here to help. The Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC can even help you collect debts from other businesses.

In your business you need predictability in the pricing of legal services. The Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC offers that: flat fees for most of your legal service needs. A list of fees commonly charged for business legal services follows:

  • $750 - Business Formation
  • $3,750 - Business Collections (you are responsible for costs). Collection a debt owed to you by a business, not a consumer. If you don't want to pay money up front, we may be able to work on a contingency agreement.
  • $600 - Demand (one letter to one party, no suit or trial work). A demand letter from an attorney is much more credible and persuasive than from others. If you want the Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC to only send a demand letter, the fee is significantly reduced. If you later decide to sue, the Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC will discount the total representation fee by $250.
  • $45/page - Contract Review (minimum charge of 3 pages, 12 pt. font, 8.5"x11").
    • This includes an initial consultation, discussing the contract, a thorough review of the proposed contract, and a discussion with you after having read the contract. We will give you some brief insights on issues the contract does and does not address, typo errors, legal defects of the contract, legal risks in the contract, and an attorney's opinion of the contract.
  • $1,250-$4,500 - Contract Drafting and Negotiation (more if your contract is extremely complex; you are responsible for any costs). Simple contracts are on the lower end. Examples of simple contracts include distribution agreements, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, simple joint venture agreements, partnership agreements, sales agreements, nondisclosure agreements, online e-commerce forms (like disclaimers, privacy policies, terms of service, etc.), simple security interest agreements, etc. An Example of a relatively normal complex drafting and negotiation is a small business buy/sell agreement.

Why choose the Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC:
The Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC offers flat fees or contingent fees for most legal matters so you know exactly what you will be spending in legal fees even before you hire an attorney. The Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC also offers very reasonable hourly rates if that is what you prefer. The Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC is willing to cap fees or to mix fee arrangements in order to represent you.

If you hire the Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC on an hourly basis, there will usually be no charge for phone calls to you or from you (although we do bill for emails, letters, texts, etc). Phone calls are, of course, included in flat fee representation. However, if you hire us on a contingency basis, and the contingency percentages on recovery do not apply, for whatever reason, you will be charged for all phone calls.

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